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St. Albans High School has been around since 1909, but did come under the jurisdiction of the Kanawha County Board of Education until 1933. You may read about our school History by Clicking HERE. SAHS is one of 8 high schools in the county district. The school was renovated to be Kanawha County's newest facilities in 2003. To see Pictures of the Renovation, Click HERE. SAHS currently runs an enrollment of approximately 1100 students. With over 60 teachers the student-teacher ratio is about 16 to 1. St. Albans High is classified as a midsize, suburb school with a student population that is approximately 93% White, 6% African American, 1% Asian, and 1% Hispanic. Saint Albans High Schools overall school climate index score is 6.11 on a scale from 1 to 9. This rating is provided by the National School Climate Center and the WV Safe and Supportive Schools Grant Program.

As a AAA school SAHS belongs to the Mountain State Athletic Conference and offers an extremely wide range of sports opportunities. School pride runs high throughout the hallways. Academically, SAHS also prides itself in offering the best instruction with a wide range of course options and career preparation programs. SAHS has some of the latest innovations in technology available in education today. SAHS is the county's only "Hospitality and Tourism" Academy, which includes the Lodging Management, Culinary Arts, and Hospitality Marketing.

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Grades and Assignments Online

Kanawha County Schools endorses the use of Schoology as an online grade book for students. Saint Albans High offers this service, which also provides up-to-date information concerning events, activities, and other announcements. All information available on the Schoology site is password protected

If you do not have a log-on and password, contact you child's counselor at SAHS.

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