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Saint Albans High School Online

Frequently Asked Questions

  Why does the design of the SAHS website use plaid everywhere?
  Because SAHS's mascot, the Red Dragon, is a Celtic Dragon likened after the Irish/Welsh creatures of old. 
  This plaid was selected because it was the closest to the school colors: red and black.

  Why aren't the pictures labeled with the students' names so we know who they are?
  Kanawha County School guidelines, which follows the WV State Department of Education, do not allow names
  and pictures to be shown together.  This is an issue of student security and privacy.  Names may be displayed
  without pictures - or - pictures without names.

  Why doesn't the Food Menu match what actually is offered on some days?
  Our website reflects the KCS Planning Breakfast and Lunch Menu.  Occasionally, the planned menu is modified
  by the Head Cook because a certain ingredient/item is temporarily not available due to a shortage or shipping

problem.  The Head Cook will usually switch days during that week on the proposed menu.  

 Why do the drop-down window options sometimes not work?
 This question is addressed on the previous page in "Pop-Up Menus:  The website makes use of several applets that
 will "pop-up" desired page information.    Among those that use this feature are: What's UP, Academic Course Descriptions,
 Faculty/Staff Biographies, etc.  Your computer may have pop-up blockers activated.  In order to view the desired SAHS
 information you will have to "Temporarily Allow" Pop-ups from our website.  The "Allow" option is usually displayed at the top
 of your internet browser.

 Why did my name get deleted from the Alumni list?
 This question relates to recent attempt to clean up obsolete and incorrect information in the alumni database.  If an alumni
 submitted information that was incomplete, contained data that conflicted, or otherwise erroneous, then the record was
 eliminated.  Please note that if an email address did not work, the alumni was not deleted if a land address was given.

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